Cloud Team Augmentation

Cloud Team allows you to hire on-site or offshore Technical Resources without being Constrained by Distance or International Borders. Our Skilled Technical Team possesses a Diverse Skillset that provides our clients with the flexibility they need for their short-term and Ongoing Projects.
Using Dunhill System’s technical resources saves you from the cost and effort associated with recruiting and retaining specialized in-house team members. Clients that choose Dunhill System’s offshore cloud team services also benefit from our presence in multiple time zones, which allows us to provide skilled resources when you need them, including 24×7 support.


High Productivity

Developers and other technical resources are assigned to one project at a time, which prevents inefficiency caused by switching between multiple tasks. They remain focused and motivated throughout their assignment.

Skill Availability

Cloud teams know no global boundaries. You can recruit multiple UX designers and front-end, back-end, or full-stack developers, even if none are available locally. We help you address skill gaps and get your projects on track.


Assembling a cloud team eliminates typical administrative and organizational expenses like screening, interviewing, onboarding, office space, and equipment. We take care of these details so you can focus on business success.

More Control

Hiring a cloud team isn’t the same as outsourcing; you have the freedom to manage your resources closely. You retain complete control over who is working on the project and what their specific project responsibilities are.

Our Process


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Interview potential candidates


Shortlist and hire the best ones


Get to work!
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